IT Ministry to introduce AI challenges for domestic entrepreneurs

The ministry will hold AI challenges for sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture, natural language processing, smart mobility, and transport Since January of 2020, the world is witnessing the unraveling of the Covid-19 epidemic. The transition has now reached just about every community on the planet to the current state of

The Starbucks Inspirational Story

The article is about, 'Not Listening to the Experts' or Perhaps listening to the experts and doing what your heart and mind tell you to do anyway!  The year is 1996, Starbucks is planning to open its first international store and the location happens to be Tokyo, Japan. They've hired a

Companies Are Shifting From China To India | Companies Moving To India

Companies in China shifting to India, what is the reason behind choosing India for manufacturing is this an opportunity for India to become the next big manufacturing giant. China claims that they have stopped the spread of Covid-19 the intense lockdown Chinese manufacturing sector has started to reopen but after

10 Industries That Are Booming Due To Coronavirus

Now, there's no doubt coronavirus affecting many businesses around the world, and most businesses are suffering, but there are several industries that are booming due to the coronavirus. Now, why do you want to be aware of these industries? Perhaps this article will give you some perspectives and some insights