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Unstoppable Sonu Sood: Helping Thousands Of Migrant Labor To Reach Their Home

Sonu Sood was Born on 30 July 1973 At Moga, Punjab, India, he has completed his education in Education Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur (B.E.), and now is successful Business, actor, model, and filmmaker.

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Sonu Sood’s journey from an engineer to entertainment is inspiring. Handsome Hunk started his career in the entertainment industry with South Indian films. After making a mark in Tollywood, Sonu Sood made her Bollywood debut with Shaheed-e-Azam in 2002 as Bhagat Singh. Nearly two decades in the industry and Sonu has proven himself as an actor along with other films like Dabangg, Simba, Happy New Year, and Entertainment. In July 2016, he founded the production house Shakti Sagar Productions, which is named after his father, Shakti Sagar Sood. Talking about the current state of his filmography, Sonu Sood said, “I always believe in prioritizing things. Last year, my focus was Simba, which was appreciated. In my 20-year career, there have always been phases when films in the South became a priority and the same is true for Bollywood films. After Simba, I signed some extremely interesting projects in the South. “


As a producer, I am accessible to those who struggle because I have none. Even if you enter my society, you will not find a barrage of security guards who are blocking you. My doors were and still are open to people today. Even after becoming a known face, I remained accessible to others because it inspires me, he said. When people are talking about his days of struggle in the industry, Sonu said, “When someone comes to Mumbai, he is familiar with how Mumbai city works. I came here for one year only. I felt that if it is not found then it will become like It took me 18 months to locate the roads and buildings that mattered”. My mother told me to always be patient and hang in there; She always believed that at the right time, things would work out, and they did. I am grateful for everything I have. I don’t want any newcomers to ever come across me like people with no background in cinema. He also shared the tricks he used, so that casting could be done by directors in the city.

Today, aspirants can email their pictures to agents and things can move forward from there. In those days it was not so organized. Two decades ago, we used to hand over our photos in the hope of getting work from office to office. I remember that the first office I went to, the receptionist had not even looked at me. He just asked me to keep his pictures and leave. I walked around in a fitted t-shirt, Think of the body. Then I realized, all these tricks do not work. I learned the art of taking small things and started asking for a glass of water. Some days, I had to drink 40 glasses of water. Even though I was not getting a chance, I decided to move around. I have earned my place in the industry with great effort and there is no option for that.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Sonu Sood is in the headlines these days because of his efforts to help migrants during a nationwide lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of novel coronaviruses. The actor, who recently launched a toll-free number to assist migrants is arranging transportation to ensure that they are reuniting with their families. 

Sonu Sood’s monthly pass was issued against the sum of Rs 420, valid between stations Borivali and Churchgate. One user who shared the photo said, “One who has struggled for real can only understand the pain of others. Once Sonu Sood traveled by a local train of 420 rupees.”

On Friday, a fan of Sonu Sood shared a photo of the actor’s 20-year-old Mumbai local train pass, which he used to travel during his struggling days. The pass, which cost Rs 420 was issued on 08.07.1997. Sharing a nearby photo, the fan wrote in Hindi that those who struggle in the true sense can understand the pain of others. He further mentioned how the actor traveled by the Mumbai local train with a fare of Rs 420.

Sonu Soon retweeted the post and wrote, “Life is a complete cycle.”

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