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The Most Inspirational Speech: 4 True Rules To Success | A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

We should know how to handle not only how to handle success, how to handle the failures, particularly you are in the management environment what turn if I want the young people to understand how to manage the failure because any task you do you have to across a problem? The problem should not become the captain of the individual or a project. The project chief should become the captain of the problems and defeat the problem and succeed learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking and thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes u great.

The Most Inspirational Speech: 4 True Rules To Success


Dr. Kalam said, “History has proved that whoever dares to imagine the impossible have all human limitations.” In every field of human endeavor, whether science, medicine, sports, art, or technology, the names of people imagining the impossible and the achievable are engraved in our history. The names are the people who imagined the impossible are engraved in our history by breaking the limits of their imaginations. They changed the world you take C. V. Raman, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar by breaking the limits of their imaginations. They change the world if you want to be discoverers if you want to be an innovator.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said I am going to give you what type of character you must have, invention and discoveries have illuminated from a creative mind that has been constantly working and imagine the outcome of the telephone. He envisioned the result with images by observing the result in mind and all the forces of the universe, they work to inspire creativity and discovery through constant effort.

There are few tips for the upcoming generation to succeed in Life. he said you have to do four things:

  1. I will have a great Aim. 
  2. I will continuously acquire knowledge. 
  3. I will do hard work. 
  4. I will persevere and succeed.

That’s the mantra they have taught.  he said done many accomplishments, has written books you served as president, he was an aerospace engineer, he has a professor. he got the best is the title of the teacher.

He said when he was ten years boy. The second world war was going on at that time. I use to see my fifth class, a science teacher. he enters the classroom and used to see the radiation knowledge from him. when he enters the classroom teacher sees the radiation of purity of life and the way he taught, my dream got shaped. what should be my way of life. he the person that teaches and gave me the vision of my life whenever I say young fellow now a teacher has got a fantastic opportunity to grow minds to and give the dreams to young people and mature the dream with them and they will become a great human being sometimes. They will become better than the teacher so that the opportunity I have. I will have a very big objective, I will continuously acquire knowledge, I will work hard, I will persevere and succeed.

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