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Surviving The Hard Times – Inspirational Or Motivational True Story | Joanne Rowling

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A story about a little Rabbit her mother used to love her, writing and often used to smile and listen to her daughter tell a story. The little girl dream of becoming a writer one day but her father told her, that writing will never pay for the bills, Don’t even think about it. After school, she applied to Oxford University but was rejected. They said that she was not good enough time went on, she graduated, took smaller jobs her dream of becoming a writer was now far away but one day, on a four-hour-delayed train journey, she got an idea for a book. She went home and started scribbling the story. She felt happy, doing what she loved the most, writing a few months later when the world was celebrating New Year’s.

She was still writing her book and watching the fireworks outside. That day she got a call that her mother has passed away that was the most painful day of her life, she felt devastated. She wanted to tell her mother about the book she was writing, but now she can’t heartbroken, she moved to a different country to start a new life but after eighteen months, when she came back, her whole world was now different. She was now divorced, jobless, and all alone with her little daughter. She had no money and a child to take care of she tried getting a new job but was not able to find anything. She took a loan from friends, signed up for welfare benefits, just to survive in the hardest times.


She felt as if her life was over, she got depressed. There were days when she thought, she would better die that’s when she said to herself. The hard times will pass, I just have to survive to have no other option. she began seriously writing her book while also taking care of her little girl. She used to write in cafes, at home, and in a place where she could get her daughter to fall asleep. People made fun of her, saying she is spoiling the life of her little kid.

What will she gain by writing a stupid book? There were days she too saw herself as a failure but she again said to herself, these bad times will pass, I just have to survive. A year later, she completed her first book. She got very happy, hoping now it was time for things to become better but, happiness was still far away. She submitted her book to different publishing houses, but all rejected it. Twelve publishing houses rejected her manuscript. She was told she was not good enough. She should first take a writing course and then re-write the whole book with each rejection, her dream of getting the book published slowly was slipping away.

She felt the saddest felt. It was time to finally give up but when all appeared lost, that’s when destiny smiled at her Eight-year-old daughter of a publisher, reader book, and loved it. Seeing his daughter’s response, the publisher decided to release her book and gave her a £1,500 advance. She had tears in her eyes. Finally, her dream of publishing a book was going to come true but she was told by the publisher to find another job as children’s books.Don’t make much money now about twenty-two years after that first book release that children’s book, which was told that. it will not sell much is now the best-selling book series in history and the girl who was considered poor and failure became the world’s first author to earn over a billion dollars.

She is Joanne Rowling, better known as J.K. Rowling and the book which was rejected 12 times was Harry Potter Life is not one long happy journey.

We all face good and bad times in our life but success is about surviving the hard times when you are in a difficult situation. When you realize that success alone is about moving forward when things appear to be the hardest because who knows when destiny will finally smile at you.

You just have to survive the hard times.

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