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Pregnant Elephant Dies After Eating Pineapple laced with Explosives In Kerala

In a horrifying case of animal cruelty, a pregnant wild elephant was fed fruits laced with explosives that causing her mouth, jaw, and tongue. While she survived the ordeal, it took her a week to die a painful death. The pregnant elephant died in careless standing in the water last Wednesday. The details of the horrific death and the wild elephant had left the forests of a Silent Valley in Palakkad district meandering into a close-by village. The elephant was searching for the food according to the forest official said. The elephant is suspected to have eaten a pineapple the news has led to a lot of hashtags on Twitter as well as with a lot of people now demanding that the Brutes behind this tragedy be punished an action taken into it.

The Forest Department has launched an inquiry into this an investigation is ongoing only after they complete the investigation they will be able to find out what exactly happened but definitely an injury on the type of crack a cracker burst has happened inside the mouth of the elephant. You know it’s very tragic into when we look at animals being treated the way they have been and what’s worse is even if it is the subject of investigation why would people play put out cracker inside a pineapple.

A combination photo of sketches shared on Twitter

On May 27, the Forest Department started an investigation after the body was found in the Velliyar River under the Mannarkad Forest Division. Normally, injured elephants move to water sources and we found the carcass in the river,” he said. “ Women officials were also present for the procedure and that they wept once we found the fetus inside the elephant. It was a tragic moment for the whole team,” another department official said. This was the first such instance where a pregnant wild elephant was killed using explosives in such a cruel manner.

Silent Valley National Park’s wildlife warden, Samuel Pachuau, said the department is trying to identify the culprits. “They have found that the injury occurred a week ago and therefore animals could not eat or drink after cruelty.“We didn’t know how the elephant was injured. Normally, elephants travel 200km a day. We suspect that folks living near the border gave a pineapple to kill wild pigs,” said a senior forest department official.
Wildlife warden of Silent Valley National Park Samuel pachuau said the injury was found to be a week old and the animal couldn’t eat or drink following the cruelty. Assistant forest veterinary officer in Thrissur, Dr. David Abraham, said that he discovered that the elephant was pregnant during an autopsy. “The fetus was just a month old. When we first saw the elephant, we realized that it will not survive given its injuries and week-long ordeal.

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