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Unlock 1.0: A Picture Of A Crowded Marine Drive In Mumbai Has Worried Netizens

As part of ‘Unlock 1.0’, the Maharashtra government has given some rest from 31st May. The rest allowed many outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging, running, and an image of the crowded Marine Drive has caused a storm on social media.

Although you can see people wearing faces, the norms of social distinction are in the total toss.

Photo Credit: PTI

Yesterday night was two COVID patients die in adjoining wards in one single shift. Both in their 40s/50s. All ICUs everywhere around the city are full. All ventilators are taken. There are entire families in different wards of hospitals, who can’t see each other, just praying for their loved ones. There is evidence of community transmission, whether ICMR admits or not. 90% caseload still borne by resident doctors of public hospitals. Ambulances carrying bodies leave for crematoriums almost every hour from Nair, KEM, and Sion. Waiting time to get an ambulance and admission to the hospital is approximately 12-24 hours or more depending on your contacts. Resident doctors and nurses are fighting day and night to keep patients alive, doing jobs of class 4 workers who are not being held accountable for their absence. Routine OPDs, OTs are still closed. The administration wants to take exams of our final year residents in the midst of the pandemic despite KNOWING that it will severely cripple the services being offered since residents are the backbone of the system. We are dealing with anxiety and helplessness, but trying to fight because there is literally no one else for the patients. 

And in this way, Mumbaikars are paying us back?”

The opening of lockdown does not mean COVID has vanished. It is here, there is much to live for, and we must adapt to it. Necessary economic activity has begun, but is it necessary to stop the Marine Drive at the peak of the epidemic? There is currently no herd immunity, and for it to develop lacquer would have to die. You could be one of them.

 If you contact COVID and give it to your family, there will be no one to protect you except us. Seriously tired, exploited government health workers with fewer facilities.Go out only for necessary activities.

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