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George Floyd killing sparks worldwide protests against racism | What protests say about America

George Floyd Killing Sparks Worldwide Protests Against Racism

Photos: George Floyd Killing Sparks Global Protests – WSJ Images

As resentment over the killing of George Floyd spread among American protesters, protesters around the world took to the streets, thousands of protesters gathered in London to protest against racism and discrimination, despite calls from politicians not to defy the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic rarely have protested over deaths in custody. Drawn so many Australians cities great and small their focus hundreds of Aboriginal deaths in jails and police stations in the past  Years.


It’s time for us to make a change in the only way that people are going to listen and do it peacefully in Brazil demonstrators have been raising their voices against the killing of black people mainly in poor neighborhoods called the favelas figures released by the Rio de Janeiro public security Institute show that killings by police have increased to record levels in recent years. hundreds marched on the city’s outskirts to draw attention to what they see as Brazil’s shame every half an hour in the world a young black person dies we have to fight because of that. If we don’t fight that will continue and we will keep dying in Mexico masked demonstrators vandalized buildings and threw stones at the US Embassy in the capital, protests began here on Thursday.

The protests we’re here in support of the great uprising of the black people and of all colors for the crime against George Floyd committed by a big policeman of the United States this movement is not just about showing outrage at the death of African American George Floyd in the US. The black lives matter movement has unleashed a wave of protests against racism worldwide demonstrations is continuing.

The protests held in East Asia in large crowds expected in European cities and a major European protest is also underway in Berlin. Thousands of people have gathered in Berlin city center to stand up against racism following the death of George fluid in the U.S.

What the George Floyd Protests Say About America?

Photos: George Floyd Killing Sparks Global Protests – USAToday Images

The country of people saying enough is enough while millions of Americans are protesting all across the country and demanding justice for George Floyd. He is a 46-year-old man in Minnesota who had his life taken at the hands of a police officer who despite his cries and pleads for his life and the fact that he couldn’t breathe slowly died on a street corner with a police officer kneeling into his neck and it’s the latest high-profile case of black men or women dying at the hands of law enforcement or white vigilantes at the same time. We are talking to all across the country and sometimes even the world is saying this just feels different because look at the times as coronavirus tears an unforgiving path across the country.

It is especially devastating to one group Americans black Americans are a third of all coronavirus cases and Covid-19 deaths even though. They makeup only 40percent of the US population so they’re disproportionately contracting and dying of this virus and why that is because black Americans are also more likely to have frontline jobs. they’re more likely to live in highly densely populated areas and this virus exposed long-standing existing inequities in our health care and labor system that had black Americans proportionately going back to work while their white counterparts at least those and mostly white militias our storming state capitals armed with guns and rocket launchers demanding the government reopen and so as states are reopening that’s disproportionately putting black Americans at further risk of contracting.

Many critics point to specifically a tweet referencing when protesters start looting we start shooting that has racist connotations in a racist history dating all the way. Back to a Miami police sheriff who used that same phrase to justify his treatment of black particularly American and Haitian immigrants at the time in Miami and using excessive force against them for the President of the United States to invoke a racist trope that’s no coincidence for most including when the president also tweeted it smog a night to respond to protesters who were at the White House.

Many people see this as well exactly what most a lot of his presidency has been indicating cause arms dog whistles and so he’s calling to arms all of those who see equality and see diversity is an affront to their livelihood and they’re responding and kind one thing, in particular, and interesting when speaking to protesters in the field is oftentimes.

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