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Cyclone Nisarga At Alibaug Near Mumbai In The Afternoon With 110 KMPH Winds

Cyclone is circa has intensified into a severe cyclonic storm bringing with it heavy rain and wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour over the next 12 hours. It can gust up to in fact 120 kilometers per hour as well over 10,000 people including some coronavirus patients have been moved to safer locations. Now, remember Mumbai is also grappling with the COVID Pandemic outbreak. It’s the worst affected city in the country with over 41,000 cases so far Mumbai and its suburbs currently on high alert prohibitory orders are in place. gearing up for you know what’s being called a double whammy of this huge number of corporate cases and now its first cyclone in 100 years absolutely. You know I mean if it was a challenge that the administration could you know sort of not have to deal with they would have liked it but this is what it is this is a reality the fact is that Mumbai continues to report a high number of COVID cases and at the same time. You have a cyclone hitting the city or just outside the city in a century so that’s of course a challenge now. The sea, of course, is rough right now and this is the dodder beach and obviously, you know unfortunately you can see I mean Beach cleaning activities have been suspended in view of the pandemic so there’s a little bit of you know garbage on the beach but otherwise what you have is rough seas and this is going to get rough even as the day progresses you know all people have been asked to stay off the beach and houses that are close to the beach especially you know shanties that are close to the beach.
Those also have been asked you know to sort of remain on alert in fact. I can just show that part of you know that part of the beach, of course, these are houses in Worley Kalamata and that you see in the structure is the whirly wart and these places you know you can see the structures are not very strong and right next to the sea so obviously. These are places where the police have kept rescue teams on standby police have warned people to be careful. You know have told them that, you know if you’re in a structure that’s not, you know structurally sound then perhaps you need to move to another location but section 144 also has been imposed to restrict movement.
Remember today was going to be the day of the mission began again or you know gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions and result in the COVID-19 but those seem to have been put on hold as the Mumbai you know braces for Cyclonus Argo alright sort of thanks for that the Mumbai civic body the BMC also coming up with several guidelines on what to do and what not to do in a situation like this. Let’s quickly run you through some of those citizens have been asked to keep emergency kits ready stay away from windows, close windows and keep some open to create pressure stay in centers of rooms and relocate. if necessary to administration determined locations disconnect the power supply of non-emergency equipment check for air leaks and regularly for smells of gas inspect battery-operated systems keep documents sealed and plastic bags and the BMC also saying don’t spread or believe in rumors or attempt to drive or write any vehicles stay away from damaged buildings and do not move injured people unless it is absolutely safe because this could actually cause more harm.
The state really at this point trying to stay on top of this situation. Let’s go closer to Libya now to track the progress of cyclone in Saqqaq right now. There we are what do we know just how far is the cyclone from Mumbai and from Alibag where it’s expected to make landfall. The cyclone at the movement is about 250 kilometers away from Mumbai 280 kilometers now away from gown about 460 kilometers from Surat. It has now turned into a severe cyclone which means stronger winds and more rainfall the landfall is expected like you mentioned near Alibag which is very close to Mumbai in between. It’s in the Riga district between Harry Hirsch’s work as well as a dominant at the four areas that need to really watch out because the impact is going to be felt the most in these particular areas.
Mumbai there’s the warning for the severe cyclone means that these four areas will have rain that could be more than 20 centimeters which is 200 millimeters. This kind of storm surge we’re expecting could be between one to two meters that’s expected to inundate low-lying areas whether it’s of Mumbai Thane, as well as parts of Riga and Ratnagiri as well so this storm, is going to influence you to know the coastal belt of Maharashtra as well as good shot so even areas of Gujarat It will get impacted so people they need to watch out as well but the impact will be felt the most very close to Mumbai and people in Mumbai as well, as in drag are especially need to be very careful.

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