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Young People Are Helping The Oldest Woman

This article is all about Younger people are helping the oldest women. The aim of this article is whoever seen this article they will get inspired more.

One day there was a group of people who were traveling for the train from other cities. they saw the oldest woman beside him she was crying and very depressed. when the train reached their destination the lady fell down on the platform that group was helped him and give him some water to take a rest for a minute. when she fell down she was unconscious after a few minutes she wakeup and talking to their group member. One guy of his group was asking where she was going and what happen to her so the lady told her everything about him.

The group members were helped the oldest women she was very hungry so that guy would provide them with food to eat. she was very happy and comfortable to talk with the group member. she gave the blessing to each group member to get go ahead and achieve their gold in their life.

Women were trying to walk but her leg Sprained due to fell down on the platform. One of their group members decided firstly they were dropped their home afterward they would go. they did not leave him like this. the guys were asking her address. she told the area but she didn’t remember the exact address. That group member took her lady to their place and finding out her room no. when she reached her location a few people where recognized her so they came to the oldest lady and talking to him.

Finally, that group member was found his house but the door was closed and it looked so the group member was asking their neighbors where they were going so that told them all her family member was searching to him.

The group member where decided when the family member reached afterward they were going. after a few hours, her family were coming to their house and saw his oldest woman and to apologize to him and they promised her to never let them go alone.

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