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Covid-19 Pandemic Is An Opportunity For Skill Development

The world of work is being profoundly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is not only affected in the health of millions of people at risk also at wager are their long-term livelihoods and their wellbeing. Millions of people are suffering due to this pandemic and many have lost their job, many industries were shutting down, many organization gave them unpaid leave to their employees. The world has seen a paradigm shift in the working and learning styles of people at large, especially young professionals.

This disease changed the way we live also forced to change our living habits. Many people were killing time lounging at home, watching television, and watching videos on social media and their favorite series, then why not add learn new skills to your career development. If someone has lost their job and hopeless at home in the Covid-19 pandemic so why we cannot stand up identify their inside skill and trying to develop rather wasting your time at home. If you utilize this time so one day you realize it will have been to take a good discussion.
In this context, we have an opportunity to explore the concept of “learning and training anywhere, anytime”, an idea central to the concept of lifelong learning. Many learning platform are transform into their platform in digital learning. Even the government can take initiative and organize digital education and training and mobilize teachers and trainers to maintain services to learners. We also need to explore innovative learning methodologies for apprentices and workers who primarily acquire or upgrade skills at their workplace.
Keep calm and utilization your valuable time and try to develop yourself and take the opportunity for better future endeavors.
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