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Way To Find Out The Route Of Success Into The Poverty

Foreigners are roaming around the world for a long time. They traveled a lot to see nature, people, their culture, ancient stronghold, and many more. Wherever they travel foreigners used to capture every moment through their camera. There was a time when a foreigner capturing photography and videography suddenly a small boy was running from the other side. He looked like a poor and helpless child. The child has gone to the dustbin and searches something for eating, after a couple of minutes, he found plastic bags. he opened the plastic bag and was searching for some food inside suddenly he found one more small bag inside. when he opened there was some food in the small plastic bag. he ate some food and rest he would be taken with him. 
When foreigners saw this moment they have shocked and were trying to helping this child. they have decided to support those children and families who didn’t have money for food.

They decided to follow the child where he would go afterward. The child entered a slum area and were so many shanty houses in that slum area. he went inside the slum area foreigners are followed this child to help them and their families. the child entered their house and distributed the food bag with their family, afterward they were eating food and much happier.  
Foreigner was watching this moment and see other people in that shantytown. They saw so many people like that child and serving for only one-day eating food packages in a day. they also saw many people are fighting for water, food, and many reasons. There was a guy he was spoken English very well so foreigner was asking about their shantytown. the guy told everything about their town.
When foreigners know everything about the shantytown so they were decided to help and support those people who didn’t have many for food. they were starting social awareness and campaign for poor and needy people. they helped so many people and blessed. the campaign was very famous and whenever there would be poor and needy people are suffering from food so local people helped them. foreigner taught don’t west food, start distributing someone who need them and alive the humanities.

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